Naturschutzgebiet "Hochbermel"


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The nature reserve "Hochbermel" is located southeast of the municipality of Bermel and extends over an area of about 65.7 ha around the former basalt quarry on the mountain of the same name "Hochbermel" (570 m), with volcanic origin. In the west, the nature reserve "Little Bermel" is bordered by a nature reserve of about 14 hectares in the area of the "Kleinbermel" (500 m), which was already protected in 1978.
The former mining site on the "Hochbermel" with its basalt walls is a symbol of our region. The majority of the nature reserve "Hochbermel" is characterized by extensive forest areas. The northern area, on the other hand, is dominated by mining, which began at the end of the 19th century. In 2001, the basalt mine was finally closed.
In recent decades, rare biotopes have formed in the quarry and on the dumps. The ponds, rocks and light trees are habitats for unken, frogs, insects and birds as well as many plant species worthy of protection.




Traumpfad "Hochbermeler"
Hauptstraße Parkplatz Sportplatz
56729 Bermel
Phone: (0049)261 108419
Fax: (0049) 261 3002797

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