Museum in der Torburg - vorübergehend geschlossen

Museum in der Torburg - vorübergehend geschlossen


The museum in the Torburg is temporarily closed for renovation.

As a speciality, home-roasted coffee together with home-baked cake is served in the Torburg's cosy coffee room. The museum's collection has the characteristic charm of a museum of local history, with a large number of historical tools, utensils, household goods, etc. The Torburg and its adjoining rooms are open to the public. In the Torburg and in the adjoining buildings, visitors have the opportunity to travel back in time on five levels, bringing to life the everyday life of the past in households, crafts and trades. Children in particular can take the term "grasp" literally here, as touching many of the exhibits is expressly permitted in this museum. A cobbler's workshop, saddlery, lathe, model carpenter's workshop, smithy, mineral and fossil cellar and soap making are just some of the topics covered in the collection. The ornamental and utility glass on display in the glass room refers to the glass industry that was established in Stolberg in 1790 and is also a highly attractive visual highlight. In recent years, the exhibition themes have been expanded to include further, detailed documentation on the Ketschenburg (local beer brewery), the history of lead production in Stolberg, the Stolberg copper masters and the region of Stolberg in Roman times.

This extensive museum of local history covers the diverse history of the town of Stolberg and offers activity rooms and exhibitions on the following topics:

- Copper Masters in Stolberg
- Soap room... Grandma's kitchen
- Coffee room
- Leatherworking
- Glass industry in Stolberg
- Breweries in Stolberg
- Stolberg in Roman times
- Metalworking
- Lead... Weal and woe
- Blacksmiths
- Mining... Minerals
- Brass in Stolberg
- School in the days of the emperor

For smaller groups (up to 10 people) the museum offers a "copper master's breakfast" (paired with short stories about Stolberg) as well as a "roasting breakfast" (small coffee - roasting - seminar incl. coffee roasting and tasting), organises children's birthday parties and lectures. Reservations can be made at the museum or by calling the Stolberg Tourist Office on 02402 99900-81.

Museum in der Torbug
52222 Stolberg
Tel.: 02402 82250

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Opening hours

  • Vom March 25th bis December 31st




Museum Torburg
Luciaweg (Torburg)
52222 Stolberg
Phone: (0049) 2402 82250
Fax: (0049)

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