Landgut Dierfeld


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The small village of Dierfeld is first mentioned in a document in 1251, when the then Lord of Manderscheid leased a piece of land called Derenfeld to the abbot of the monastery of Echternach. In the 16th century the counts of Manderscheid finally built a hunting lodge in Dierfeld, which remained part of the county of Manderscheid until the French Revolution. Today, farm and land, which is also the smallest municipality in Germany with its own municipal council, are privately owned by the Greve-Dierfeld family in the third generation. Dierfeld is mainly cultivated for agriculture and forestry and there are extensive tree nurseries on the extensive grounds. The family-owned business of the estate owners sells decorative greenery throughout Germany, especially during the Christmas season, and is also active in gardening and landscaping as well as in the production of firewood. The residential castle, parts of which date back to the 16th century, and the other historic buildings of the estate are fully preserved, managed and can be rented for events and functions in close cooperation with the estate administration




Landgut Dierfeld
Haus Dierfeld
54533 Dierfeld
Phone: (0049) 6572 4359

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