Vorübergehend geschlossen: Kochlöffel

Vorübergehend geschlossen: Kochlöffel


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Kochlöffel has been bringing the classic German snack to German city centres in a modern and professional way for 60 years.

In around 80 restaurants throughout Germany, around 1,000 employees delight satisfied guests every day. Our Kochlöffel grilled chicken and currywurst are real classics. Burgers, beef croquettes, chips, salads and a wide variety of side dishes round off the snack experience. Kochlöffel is a family business and is already being run successfully by the second generation from its headquarters in Lingen, Emsland.

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Opening hours

  • Vom August 30th bis August 30th




Kochlöffel GmbH
Neustraße 38a
53879 Euskirchen
Phone: (0049) 2251 970146


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