Handwebmuseum Rupperath

Handwebmuseum Rupperath

Bad Münstereifel

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The art of hand weaving made Rupperath famous far beyond the town's borders. Years ago, a handloom community was founded that has earned an excellent reputation. In the museum rooms, the spinning wheel still whirs and the loom rattles. Hand-woven items ranging from the smallest gift to church chasubles are made here according to the old art.

The Museum of Handloom Art shows a cross-section of handloom weaving through many millennia. The handloom workshop and the handloom museum are complemented by a charming and richly furnished exhibition that makes the visitor's heart beat faster. The museum can be reached via a barrier-free entrance and a disabled WC has been installed.

The former elementary school teacher Robert A. Esser founded the Werkgemeinschaft für Handwebkunst in Bad Münstereifel-Rupperath in 1961. In this context he began to collect testimonies and objects of spinning and weaving. From 1965 (closure of the school) until the end of 2003 (dissolution of the Werkgemeinschaft), the collection was housed in the former gymnasium.

In 2006, this collection was redesigned right next to the weaving workshop and reopened in June as the Handloom Museum. Since then, a sub-section of the "Alte Schule Rupperath e.V." operating association has been looking after the museum on a voluntary basis. In 2008, the year of Robert A. Esser's death, the association was awarded the honorary service prize of the city of Bad Münstereifel for this work.


Bad Münstereifel


Handwebmuseum Rupperath
Schulweg 1
53902 Bad Münstereifel-Rupperath
Phone: (0049) 2643 5147

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