Eifel-Blick "Ruine Stolzenburg"

Eifel-Blick "Ruine Stolzenburg"


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The ruins of the legendary Stolzenburg only got their name afterwards due to their location high up on a rock face that suddenly fell into the Urft valley at a height of 450 meters above sea level.

However, knowledge about the history of the castle is rather sparse. The ruin with a few remains of the wall suggests scientific research to a medieval castle, which was possibly the seat of the family "von Sötenich".

Remnants of a surrounding circular wall adapted to the shape of the rock cone, wall gates and floor plans of living spaces are still visible. The land side of the castle was protected by a rampart and a moat. The steep edges to the Urft valley gave the castle a natural protection, so that no wall was necessary here.




Eifel-Blick "Ruine Stolzenburg"
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