Eifel-Blick "Pferdekopf"


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The Horse's Head has an altitude of 527 metres above sea level and is located in the area of the municipality of Kall, which was already a human living and settlement area in prehistoric times. In the 3rd century BC, the Celts were already digging for lead ores here, and Celtic lance points, tools and coins have been found in the surrounding area, especially near Keldenich. The Romans also left their traces here, especially the famous Roman water conduit from Nettersheim to Cologne is still visible today in various places. In the Middle Ages, the iron and lead smelters gave Kall and the Urft valley a special significance. At that time there was, among other things, a large lead mine in the area of today's industrial area of Kall as well as two iron mines in Kall and a third one between Sötenich and Kall. In one of these works, the so-called hammer mill, which among other things produced large ship propellers, the clapper of the famous former imperial bell in Cologne Cathedral was made.




Eifel-Blick "Pferdekopf"
53925 Kall-Rinnen


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