Eifel-Blick "Modenhübel"


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The Modenhübel offers a very good view of the Eifel National Park and some buildings of the former "NS-Ordensburg" Vogelsang. The National Socialists built the extensive complex between 1934 and 1941 as a training centre for the young leaders of the National Socialist Party.

Although it remained unfinished, the monumental propaganda architecture of the building complex high above the Urftsee lake reflects the megalomania of the National Socialist ideology of power.

After the war, Vogelsang became the centre of the Belgian army's military training area of the same name after a short period of British use. They used the site as barracks and erected several new buildings on the grounds. Since the withdrawal of the Belgian armed forces in 2005, Vogelsang has been used for civilian purposes and houses, among other things, an information centre on the history of the town and the surrounding Eifel National Park.




Eifel-Blick "Modenhübel"
N50° 34.3467 E6° 27. 15432
53937 Schleiden-Morsbach


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