Eifel-Blick "Geologischer Wanderpfad"


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The location is on the northern edge of the Eifel. At 297 metres above sea level, it is the highest point in the city of Zülpich.

The view extends far over the south-eastern tip of the Lower Rhine Bay, the Zülpicher Börde.

In a process which is still continuing, the rock layers of the Eifel are being removed, transported by the rivers into the Lower Rhine Bight and deposited there in massive sediment layers.

During the last Ice Age, the wind carried the so-called loess to the northern edge of the Eifel and made the Zülpicher Börde a very fertile area, which is still strongly influenced by agriculture today.

There are also large deposits of construction coal under the Börde landscape, which are mined for power generation. In the background you can see the steam clouds of the lignite power plants.




Eifel-Blick "Geologischer Wanderpfad"
N 50° 38.675' E 006° 35. 200'
53909 Zülpich-Bürvenich


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