Bäckerei Lennartz


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Natural, delicious and fresh every day! - Traditional bakery since 1850

With a lot of enthusiasm, diligence and conviction, we provide you, dear customers, with more than 80 fresh products from the areas of bread, rolls, cakes, pastry specialities and baker's snacks every day. We constantly strive to combine both traditional and seasonally changing baked goods in our assortment. As a family business with a long tradition, we want to remain an authentic and transparent craft business and at the same time think and act in a future-oriented way in order to inspire our customers of the next generation with taste, variety and freshness. To this end, we, together with our employees, give our best 360 days a year.

In the production of our baked goods and confectionery products, we always use the best raw materials such as good butter, fresh whole milk and spices, high-quality chocolates and much more. We also rely on the products of regional producers of fruits, vegetables, flour and fresh eggs. Because we place the greatest value on quality and craftsmanship, this interplay of raw materials and genuine craftsmanship makes the fine difference for us. For example, every single loaf of bread is made by hand or every apple for cakes and pies is freshly peeled every day. Of course, in our traditional business, the sourdough is still made just like in the old days. You can taste that and notice it in the special freshness of the bread. We even bake our Schwarzrot according to the good old recipe of the founder!




Bäckerei Lennartz
Hochstraße 30
53879 Euskirchen
Phone: (0049) 2251 3415
Fax: (0049) 2251 53537

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