Altes Ketschenburg-Brauerei-Gebäude

Altes Ketschenburg-Brauerei-Gebäude


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There were an above-average number of breweries in Stolberg in the early modern period. The reason can be found in the many copper yards, whose hot furnaces employed workers who had an extreme need for fluids and nutrients. The Ketschenburg brewery laid its foundations in the old town. Elisabeth Graff played a special role in building up the brewery from 1807 onwards. As the last Stolberg brewery to supply regionally different types of beer, it had to cease operations in 1985. From 2008 to 2017, the "Ketsch", as the people of Stolberg say, was brewed and offered on a small scale by private initiative according to the original recipe. The building ensemble from the first half of the 19th century has been preserved from the brewery.

The Stolberg Tourist Office offers a special guided tour of its "old love", the "Stolberg Brewery Culture". Enjoy the 1.5-hour tour under expert guidance followed by a stop for a regional beer!
Former breweries and restaurants are located around Willy Brand Square. These are connected with the brewery that brewed "Ketschenburg" beer in Stolberg from 1817 to 1985. The former residential building in Aachener Strasse of the Brückmann family, who ran the brewery for four generations, and the front part of the "Stochrahmsgebäude" have been preserved and are now used as the EWV administration building and bistro. Inside the EWV reception, parts of the former company equipment and a small collection of beer mugs and beer glasses can still be seen in glass cabinets.
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Altes Ketschenburg-Brauerei-Gebäude
Aachener Straße 1
52222 Stolberg
Phone: (0049) 2402 99900-81

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